Lone Star Kayak Series
Founded in 2012 by Dustin Koreba this event was created by a group of kayakers as a way for friends to compete. It grew quickly in popularity mostly by word of mouth until Justin Rich and Camron Barghi took it over in 2015.
With their hard work and popularity in the fishing world the event exploded into the largest inshore saltwater kayak series on the Gulf Coast. Over the years they owned the event they only worried about creating the best event anglers could fish. By focusing on great prizes, a generous payout field and a low buy-in they created an atmosphere where new anglers could stand shoulder to shoulder with the best in the business and have a blast!
In late 2018 Michael McMullen took over the event with a focus on maintaining the same atmosphere while growing the series and generating more excitement for the weigh-ins themselves.
Going forward we would like LSKS to continue to be that tournament where new anglers can fight it out with the best. We will focus on getting the most people paid and taking home prizes as we can.
At the same time we are adding some features to the event that should excite all levels of the play field. The addition of a team event and a championship will allow people more opportunities to compete while there is a new focus on turning the weigh-ins into events people will want to attend with or without the chance at placing. With a more centrally located location, weigh-in games & prizes, professional pictures and food at the events we would like to create a fun environment where anyone will enjoy themselves.
We are expanding the website capabilities to have a full page dedicated purely to each event with the full list results and photos in one spot, an AoY page with full, up to date rankings on the same day of the event, an Angler list where you can view each anglers brief BIO with past results and a hall of fame page where we will keep track of past AoY winners, largest margins of victory, largest stringers, largest single reds, trout and flounder. There will also be guest bloggers doing write ups on the site for various things like equipment, weather patterns, fishing tips and even recipes.
We at LSKS are very excited for the upcoming year and many more to follow. Please feel free to contact us at the links below with any thoughts, comments or complaints you may have.